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Lynda is offering the following workshops 

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Angels 101

Do you want to know more about angels and how to connect with them?  Who are your angels and how can they help you?  Learn to develop your ability to communicate with your angels through guided meditation & exercises.  What are the “C’s” and how to develop them.  Angels are ready & willing to work with us.  Learn about your angels & spirit guides and their differences are.  Healing angel work can guide you to open your spirit & soar to heightened awareness & understanding.  Divination tools and how to use them will also be covered.

Prerequisite for Angels 201 & 301

Class Length – Two nights

Fee: $95.00


Attracting Financial Abundance 101

Learn how to manifest more money into your life.  This course digs deep into your money beliefs & how to positively change them.  Learn more about money meditations & affirmations, the karma of money & visualizations to bring your money situation into harmony.  Create your own divination tool & understand the 10 important steps to practice throughout your life. 

Prerequisite for 201 & 301

Class Length – One Night

Fee: $65.00


 Intuition & Psychic Abilities 101

This course will assist you in developing & understanding multi-sensory perceptions & terminology.  What is an intuitive message & how do we receive that information.  Significant attention is paid to understanding effective journaling & recording information while in a higher state of consciousness.  This course will assist you in opening your third “psychic” eye & tune you into the specific way that you process the information you receive.

Prerequisite  for 201 & 301

Class Length – Two Nights

Fee: $95.00


Past Life Recall

Past life experiences can be a powerful tool for self discovery & spiritual balance in your present life.  Present life fears, worries & negative emotion can often be carried over from a past life.  Understanding it can help us to be released from our negative baggage.  Past Life recall exercise will be done in class.  Please bring a yoga mat or comfy mat to lay down on in class.

This class is a prerequisite for Advanced past Life Regression workshop.

Fee; $115.00


Spiritual Awareness & Prosperity

Learn how to tap into your spiritual power & be prosperous without the outside attachments to negativity & wasted energy.  Let go of fear & insecurity.  This course takes you through the ten pillars accepting your spiritual power, through forgiveness & detachment.  Learn how to manifest your inner dreams with courage & inspired action.  If you’re willing to dig deep you can transform your life to live in divine joy.

Prerequisite for 201, 301 & Master

Class Length – Two Nights

Fee: $95.00

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