Hi Lynda,

I was nervous to come and meet with you, as I had no idea what to expect. I felt at ease immediately and was instantly brought to tears with your first few words. When you channeled my Grandmother and gave me the peace I had been praying for, it was as though a 13 year weight had been lifted. To know she is a guide for my son and knows my children is just something I cannot put into words. I have always had a sense that she was watching over my boys, and you confirmed that. I took the information home with me to my own Mother and she found the most relief she has felt in many many years. She sobbed with me. I could almost feel her pain leaving as she cried on my shoulder.

What you do comes naturally to you and may seem like an everyday occurrence in your life, however you changed my life, the life of my immediate family and have impacted the way I view this world. I spent the hour drive home smiling, laughing and sobbing. I am still reeling from the entire experience and I am confident that I always will be.
Thank you isn't adequate. You have an amazing gift and I look forward to the day we meet again. I will be back :) May God bless you!

Always a believer,
Jennifer J.  


"I first called Lynda about ten months ago while I was going through a breakup and wasn't sure what I should do. She told me not to go back to him because it would cause me extreme heartache... but I was certain he was the love of my life so I went back. Sure enough, Lynda was right. It only lasted two weeks. Since then, I knew she was gifted. I have called her 3 more times since then for a telephone reading and I would recommend Lynda to anyone who is seeking guidance in life. She is caring, kind, and genuinely puts the effort and time into helping you. I always call her when I don't know what to do, and she always brings me a peace of mind by providing me with answers. I've seen psychics in Toronto and one in NYC, but Lynda is by FAR the best."

Thank you again for your help!!!! Don't know what I'd do if I hadn't called you.




I have known Lynda Doyle for several years now and I have the utmost respect for her both personally and professionally. I first went to see her during a particularly challenging time in my life when I needed some answers to some very big and crucial questions. Lynda and I immediately connected and I quite liked her as a person, as well as being absolutely blown away by her skill and accuracy as an intuitive. Her reading was dead on, as has each reading been since. Not only did Lynda answer my questions but she also gave me information that was extremely helpful to me over the next year. I have been to see Lynda five times in the past few years as I have undergone some major transitions in my life. Lynda predicted them and also helped me to navigate my way through a couple of complex situations. Lynda’s manner is honest and straightforward – something I value greatly. Although I am leaving London now (something Lynda predicted over a year ago) I will continue to connect with her from my new home. I have also recommended Lynda to numerous friends who have also found her insights very helpful. They have all been extremely impressed with Lynda.

You will not regret a reading with Lynda. She will tell it like it is and she will be right. Trust me, I know of what I speak here.

Thank you to Lynda for both her guidance and her friendship.

 Dr. Danielle Renaud


I first met Lynda in February '02 when I saw her for a one-on-one reading. At the time I walked away thinking that while I enjoyed the reading and meeting Lynda many of the things she had said were unbelievable.  She said things that I thought I just wouldn't do or wouldn't happen in a million years. When listening to my tape a month ago, I realized that every single thing she said now made sense!

  • I received a ring
  • she knew my biggest fear
  • she picked up on a stomach problem I was having. nothing serious but it turns out i had an allergy!
  • I shouldn't have gone on a trip in March. Not that anything BAD would happen, just that it wasn't a good idea, nothing bad did happen, and she was right i just shouldn't have gone
  • that I was going to leave London for a new job (which is why I was there, but I didn't tell her that!!)
  • that the new job I took in Toronto would involve me going back to school
  • when I moved back to Toronto I'd have a roommate
  • that a young Taurus woman would have a significant impact and influence on my life (my roommate that i didn't even know at the time!!)
  • that a Gemini was coming into my life. and he did
and so many more things!!
This week I had a phone consultation with her.  It was just as wonderful and just as puzzling!! She described the people I was enquiring about to a 'T' and now that I have had a few days to digest what she said it is all becoming more clear.  I cant wait to see how the next few months evolve!

Lynda is a wonderful, caring, gifted and very funny woman! She will give you all kinds of information and it will be exactly as she feels/sees it. It will be honest and truthful and not necessarily what you want to hear... or *think* you want to hear!



Dearest Lynda,

A couple years ago you gave me a reading. Which was right to the point and So accurate. To this day everything you told me was honest, truthful and I have learned many things from you. Thank you. Everything you said was completely amazing and from time to time I refer back to the recorded tape of the session I had with you and now looking at it everything I mean everything makes sense and is so amazing. Thank you for you for sharing your gift of insight and guidance!


There is something that I must mention about Lynda, A couple months after my first reading with Lynda the family dog came up missing. We searched and searched for weeks looking for our precious Nelly and never found her. Then one night after having a specific dream I called Lynda to see if she had any guidance and insights to where Nelly our family dog had gone. She was just a puppy only about 6 months old at the time and we all loved her dearly. Well Lynda told us she was alive and she was a couple country concessions over and that we would find her within the next couple days.
Because Nelly was mostly my mothers dog my mom took it really hard and was at the point of giving up accepting her for dead or stolen. We got a call as we got calls everyday about her but with no luck and after my mother giving up my fiance and I went out looking where we got the call from. And wouldn't you know it. WE FOUND HER! EXACTLY where Lynda said she would be. What an amazing feeling that ran through my legs as we walked closer to her. She was two concessions over and across the Hwy just where she said Nelly would be. It was just incredible. Lynda was so generous and because it was a lost and found case for her she didn't even charge us for helping us with locating Nelly. She is amazing!

P.S In the first reading I received from Lynda she told me that I would move back to my parents and that I would break up with my boyfriend and I would live at my parents for approximately a year. and that I would rekindle my relationship with him and that I would have to buckle down before that would happen.  I thought yeah right I would never move back to my parents place, EVER!!!
GUESS WHAT!!! lol Its been a year since I have moved back into my parents place and I am just on my way out the door shortly to find a new home. Jay and I are back together after I "buckled down" on him and me and are planning on getting married. Just incredible!!!

I wanted to thank you Lynda. I am glad that I have finally located you and that I have the chance to write this letter. You are an amazing lady and Gifted in a great way!

Thank you so very much!!!
Love and Blessings


Hi Lynda

I don't know if you remember me but I came to see you while I was still living in Shedden area. We had talked about me giving up my job doing maintenance and moving to St. Catharines to go work for CP Rail and be with this guy I liked. Well I guess I should have listened to you when you told me it was a bad idea, that there was nothing good for me in St Catharines , and that it wouldn't last with him.

Do you remember? I was the one who's cat went missing and she was all I had. I guess without her I decided to leave. I gave up everything I had built and moved there anyway…I'm now paying the price.

It didn't work out with him (just like you had told me) and I'm now living on my own here. I wish I could turn back the clock. I wish I had listened to your advice and feel free to pass this on to others as sometimes we should listen to what others tell you.

Hope all is well with you.

Take care.

Kathy S.


I have had two readings with Lynda and I can't even begin to express the impact they have had on my life. The information that I received from these readings were bang on.  Lynda gave me detailed information on a job that I would be doing, that I would be going back to school  for Registered Massage Therapy as well as information on my business and family.  I have just started school and the exact job that she saw, which is a very rare job opportunity.  Lynda even had the hourly rate down.  Amazing is all I can say.  If you have areas of your life that you need clarification and guidance with or you would just like a general reading I highly recommend Lynda, she tells you how she sees and the accuracy is beyond anything that you could expect.



Hello Lynda,

I just would like to thank you so much for graciously giving as much as you do. Over the past 8 years you have enlightened me in so many ways and areas; you have empowered me and helped me to evolve, and assisted me with focus and help when I really didn't know what to do. You have clearly and accurately acknowledged many of my personal situations, and I thank you for all of it. I am certain that your insights. counsel and advice has helped me arrive at this peace place I am at today.

Diana H (London, Ont.)


In October of 2005, I had my gallbladder removed. Since then, I encountered uncontrollable weight gain for no reason. Over 8lbs a month, and on top of that, my blood work was showing extremely low levels of hormones and hypothyroidism. This happened very suddenly and I was only 29 years old! For over 2 ½ years I went to see countless family doctors, endocrinologists (in Canada and US), naturopaths, and intuitive healers. I was put on medications that made me feel worse not to mention the hundreds of dollars I was told to spend on vitamins, supplements, organic foods, medicinal teas, and liver cleansing tools which often made me feel even weaker and sure didn't get to the root of why I had hypothyroidism, uncontrollable weight gain, foggy head, dizzy spells, and my uterus shutting down all at the age of 29!

I ended up losing my career job as an IT analyst, used up all my employment benefits, savings, and even had to sell my car…just to end up being divorced by my spouse because my disability was just too much to handle. So I fell into a deep depression but still sought after answers knowing there just had to be one out there.

I met with several tarot card readers, and some of North America's most prominent psychics, and they too, couldn't give me a straight answer on the cause of my new "illness" and how to reverse it, and was basically told: "sorry, but it's something you'll have to live with".

After moving back in with my parents 3 months ago during my divorce, I found myself hopeless and still without a clue as to what to do to “fix” whatever was wrong with me, let alone find out if this was going to be a permanent thing.

So I decided to try another reading even though money was very tight for me. I did a random search and Lynda Doyle came up. I went to her site and read her testimonials page, and my god, I had never read such heartfelt testimonials before, so I thought I'd give Lynda a try.

Boy am I ever glad I did! She gave me an honest answer about what was happening to me medically, financially, and emotionally. I was surprised to see how simple Lynda's recommendations were, what foods to cut out of my life, and that I won't have health problems after this, I'd be on my own within a year, meet someone else, re-marry and travel, etc…She even told me about my past lives, and the name of my spirit guide!

Lynda Doyle is as gifted a clairvoyant and clairaudient (if not better) than Sylvia Browne without paying $600 for a reading if you ask me!!!

Since my reading with Lynda, I've cut out wheat from my diet and can't believe how good I feel. As she predicted, I had a follow up appointment with my specialist 1 month later and he increased the dosage of 1 of my meds, and this made me feel so much better almost immediately, just as she predicted!

I've been seeing psychics for guidance for years now, and I've never ever encountered anyone as precise, non-threatening, caring, and open minded as Lynda. She answered questions before I asked them, and the specifics, and time frames were so detailed that I couldn't stop thinking about my reading for days. In just a few minutes she helped me figure stuff out about myself that years of professional therapy wasn't able to do.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynda to anyone who needs guidance in their lives. It's much cheaper than therapy every week, and you get so much more out of it! Lynda, you have found yourself a customer for life!

C. C. (Sault Ste Marie)


I have found Lynda Doyle's seminars uplifting, fun and fascinating.  I have been taught life

skills that I will continue to use the rest of my life that really do work  As with anything in life the more effort you put into something the more you will get out of it.  What I have learned can be applied to all aspects of my life.
I am looking forward to attending her next series of classes.



I would like to share with you what I  got out of the workshop "Mastering & Manifesting your Desires".  Well, where do I begin?  I think I realized the purpose of this workshop (for me) by the second class.  It was becoming very clear to me by this point, that I had a block when it came to doing things for me.  I first realized this when I was to write my resume to the universe, something I thought was a simple task, which turned out to be a very difficult one.  I had a hard time focusing on my strengths and skills and what I was passionate about because I had never allowed myself to do that before.  For the simple reason that I considered it a selfish act to think about myself.  I went further to pinpoint the exact moment in time when that message was fused into my subconscious and by whom.  I needed to allow myself to be selfish in a good way.  There were many synchronistic moments that confirmed this revelation.  My roommate and I had a conversation about selfishness one night sparked by a whole different topic.  When I awoke the next morning I felt a need to clarify to her (because of the nature of our conversation) that I didn't mean to imply that she was selfish in a bad way but that I admired her ability to be selfish in a good way.  I also told her that I wanted to be more like that.  That very night in our workshop you discussed good selfishness (synchronicity at work).  I took from this, that my guides were trying to make it very clear to me what my lesson is and what my block to success and prosperity has been.  So in short, this workshop helped me to identify why I have not achieved prosperity and success, I have had a block - a feeling of unworthiness, I have always put others needs before my own.  I need to love myself for who I am, understand that I do have skills and talents unique to myself and that it is OK to want success and prosperity for me (I deserve it as much as anyone else).  If I want my children to have success and prosperity in their lives I need to be the example and achieve it in mine. I hope this all make sense to you.  I am grateful for the lesson and am already applying the techniques to achieve my goal.  I am surprised at how much I have taken away from this workshop.  Goes to show that the saying is true "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  Looking forward to the intuition workshop.
G .


I had been to see two doctors and one was a specialist about some thing they labeled as vertigo. I have been for several cat scans because they have been sure that my problem is due to having a brain tumor. I realized that when in a large group my problem was at it's worst because I would get so dizzy that I would slur my words and stagger like a drunk with out having on drop! I often suffered from things that others around me were suffering from such as head aces, upset stomach, heart burn and so on. I have been told by another physic that it's because I'm physic and I get over whelmed by the energy of people around me. When I joined your class I would always sit away from the larger part of the group but I soon came to realize that your wonderful positive energy balanced the room. The meditations that you have taught me have made it possible for me to go out into busy places and even have dinner in a restaurant with my husband. Thanks to you we now are enjoying a whole new life.

I have a so called blood disease that the doctors have said will become leukemia. I have learned from you to meditate and balance my chakras and my last blood test was really good. I feel well and happy and have been doing far more with my life than the prescribed rest that the doctor recommended. I like this moment to thank you for my enjoyed good health and the happiness of myself and my family because I'm doing so well.

You can use both of these true statements any time you want and enjoy the fact that what you are doing in life has benefited others! I appreciate each moment that I get to spend with such a caring person as yourself.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

Sincerely D .


Lynda's passion is inspiring and it is obvious that she loves what she doing and believes in everything she teaches, which in turn rubs onto those who are fortunate enough to be a part of her classes.  I have taken all of her classes and some of them more then once, I highly recommend all of her classes. What you learn does actually change your life. What I have also noticed is the remarkable wonderful changes in myself within a short time.  Lynda's courses are a definite reflection of her continuous search for knowledge which in turn she shares with others.  Something that Lynda states in all of her courses is that 'you get what you put into it". I have applied the skills and continue to apply what I have learned through Lynda's courses in all areas of my life . These skills are part of my being now, and I am continuously creating and manifesting what I desire in all areas of my life.


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