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Psychic 101

The first in the Psychic series, this course will assist you with developing and understanding multi-sensory perceptions and terminology. This is critical to recognizing what an intuitive message is and how to listen. Significant attention is paid to understanding effective journaling and recording messages while in a higher state of consciousness.  You will learn how to meditate properly and shut down the mental chatter that so frequently can get in the way. The exercises in this course are designed to open up your intuition and increase your body's energy field. 


Fee: $55.00

Psychic 201

The second in the Psychic series, this course builds upon your learning in Psychic 101. It begins with a detailed review and specific exercises around the nine step process of strengthening and understanding the intuitive process. Effective methods of how to ask and receive information from spirit are detailed throughout this course. Naturally the course covers the purpose and function of your Aura, your Chakras, and how they connect to your intuition. Meditations in this course are more advanced and designed to open your energy centers. You will learn valuable techniques on letting go of past and present hurts in order to be lighter, happier and more in tune with your body and your own inner guidance. In addition, you will also receive your own divination tool to assist you with daily life! 


Fee: $55.00

Angels 101

This course is for anyone who ever wanted to know more about Angels! This course covers specific Angels, what they can do for you and the four fundamentals to connecting with them.  Learn the difference between Angels and Guides, explore Angel journaling, and develop your Angel senses through specific meditations and exercises!  Learn which Angels are most important for you to work with right now in order with your personal Angel divination tool.  Free yourself from old attachments and increase your self worth and confidence by working with specific Angels! 



Fee: $45.00

Angels 201

The second in the Angel series, this course is designed to build upon your learning in Angels 101. A comprehensive review of the seven steps to talking with your Angels is detailed with plenty of exercises to practice with! Learn how to channel Angel messages and explore the power of prayer and intention. Develop your manifesting skills working with the Angels through two powerful Angel divination tools that you create! Learn powerful Angel meditations to heal, open up your intuition, and bring higher qualities into your life! You will also learn how to send Angelic healing and assistance to your loved ones!


Fee: $45.00

Soul Mates

This course is for everyone who wants to learn about Soul Mates and soul mate relationships. Separating myth from reality, you gain a clear understanding on what they are and how to function within these relationships. This course is full of exercises to assist you with understanding your past relationships and improve your present and future relationships with yourself and Soul Mates. Learn key meditations to heal old wounds and attract exactly the Soul Mate you want! Along with key exercises to escalate your own growth, this course is fun!

Fee: $55.00


Attracting Money

Do you want to manifest more money into your life?  Learn how! This course digs deep into your money beliefs and how to change those beliefs! Learn important money meditations and affirmations, the karma of money; and visualizations to bring your money situation into harmony. Finally, create your own divination tool and understand the 10 very important steps to practice throughout your life to keep you manifesting more!




Fee: $55.00


Spiritual Awareness & Prosperity

Have you ever wondered how to tap into your spiritual power and be prosperous at the same time without getting caught up in the worldly-world? Then this course is for you! Learn how to develop your spiritual awareness and let go of fears and insecurities. Course content takes you through the 10 Pillars. From accepting your power, forgiveness and detachment, manifesting your inner dreams with courage and taking inspired action! Be prepared to dig deep and watch your own personal transformation! ** Also available with this course are additional life coaching sessions with an expert coach.   

This course consists of four modules   


Fee: $195.00 



Past Life Regression

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Do you believe it's possible that you've lived before?  Do you believe that you were someone else? Most people do not believe that it's all over when we die.  Culture after culture has integrated into its mythology the idea that there's something more after death – something beautiful.  Many of those cultures believe we come back again…and again…and again so that we may learn lessons in each life and to progress to a better life. Now there's a unique way to learn more about your past life possibilities.  This self study manual assists you with exercises and information on how you to can access your past lives.


Fee: $65.00


CD of Regression Meditations    $9.95


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