Private sessions with Lynda Doyle are held both in person or over the telephone. A session allows you to explore any issue you choose. From Romance, Health, Finances, Career, Family, Relationships, to Spiritual Evolvement, Karma, and past lives. Either way, Lynda will give you powerful insight into any area. You're only limited by your imagination.

When Lynda gives a ready she communicates in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, with infinite patience and love. Her answers will always assist you on an immediate level, as well as provide you with a great deal of knowledge applicable to your future growth.

Lynda has a very strict ethic about her work. At no time will she discuss your reading with anyone. You have complete privacy, which is never violated. Also, she does not publish or in any way distribute the list of people who have had a private session with her.

You can schedule a private session with Lynda for any of the following issues:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Family
  • Spiritual Evolvement
  • Karma
  • Disease root causes
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Fears/Phobias - root cause
  • Hosted Events ( email for details )
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Intuitive Counselling
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching

Due to the overwhelming demand on Lynda's time, all telephone readings must be prepaid at time of booking the appointment.

In Person Appointments

A psychic reading is the act of interpreting energy from a non-physical source, your spirit and your soul. Some refer to this practice as using a "sixth" sense. But "seeing" is really a term used to describe images that psychics attach to their interpretation of your energy during the process of a reading. Each person has a vibration associated with their being. You've all heard "we all beat to the sound of a different drummer"…well we all have a vibration separate and different from each other. Every psychic has their own way of "tuning-in" to individual vibrations. During an in person session, Lynda will use a person's name and date of birth to "tune-in". Once she is tuned in, she is able to "see" a pattern of this person's planned life experiences, plans that were made before they incarnated on this planet. This pattern reflects the work and journey of the soul and subsequently the choices of the personality. This information often comes to her very fast. Psychic readings, or tuning-in to energy is a nonphysical process that becomes a physical process through the act of interpretation.

Lynda offers personal readings through her office, wholisitic events, psychic venues, private events (showers,birthdays etc), as well as business or corporate events. Prices/Fees vary on type of event.

The standard in person session rates through Lynda's office are:

30 minute session
$  95.00
45 minute session
$  110.00
1 hour session
$ 140.00
Couples -1 hour session
$ 180.00
2 hour Past Life Recall
$ 240.00

To book your appointment call Lynda at 1-519-451-9855 or email

Telephone Readings

Telephone readings are an effective and convenient way to benefit from Lynda's readings when distance is a barrier. Lynda has many long distance and international clients who choose this consultation method.

A telephone reading is an interpretation of the nonphysical, not the physical, which means that a telephone reading or in person reading are equally effective and accurate. The only difference is that Lynda will ask for a photograph in addition to your name and date of birth. All pictures hold energy, and by holding a photograph Lynda receives vibrations from it that will answer the seeker's questions.  What she is doing is interpreting the non physical and placing the explanations and answers in physical form.

When booking your appointment, Lynda will provide you with preparatory instructions for a successful telephone reading.

15 minute session
30 minute session
45 minute session
1 hour session
For client convenience you can also have a per-minute session by clicking:
Lynda Doyle
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03229470
Rate: $4.50/min

*Additional long distance charges may apply.

Steps to a telephone reading

You call (1-519-451-9855) at the EXACT time of your appointment (make sure you have a pen and paper in hand). Lynda will already have 'tuned in' to your energy with the help of the picture she has of you (you send this to her prior to your appointment date). She will begin interpreting what she sees. You will then be allowed to ask questions for further clarification if necessary.

All telephone readings require prepayment by Mastercard or Visa, Certified Cheque, Money Order. Credit card payments may be processed using PayPal or by calling our office for processing.

To book your appointment call Lynda at 1-519-451-9855 or email  or use the convenient online scheduler below.

online scheduler

Gatherings and Parties

Are you looking to find something new and different to do with your friends? Book a psychic party, gather family, friends, or co-workers together for some fun and enrichment!

Everyone enjoys a professional psychic reading.  It's always a special gift to your friends to offer them an authentic, accurate and professional  reading. I will come to your event personally and do psychic readings for you and your guests.

To discuss hosting your own psychic party or psychic event which could be corporate, business, wedding, birthdays, showers, anniversaries, fundraising, etc please contact the office for details. Additional experienced psychics can assist for larger events.

Minimum of 12 people and hostess

Hostess' reading is free.

20 min   $70.00/person

Minimum of 12 people and hostess

Hostess' reading is free.

30 min   $90.00/person

Retreat & Corporate Rates - please call for  details

To book your appointment call Lynda at 1-519-451-9855 or email

The above rates subject to change depending on location and number of persons.  
Smaller parties are accommodated but the Hostess's reading is then chargeable.


Lynda also offers readings via Skype and MSN Live Messenger.
Call 1-519-451-9855
or email
to schedule one of these types of readings.


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