"Greetings to all:

The time has come for us to deliver guidance to those who are dedicated to soul evolution.

I am called Ashai, and I am a light being from the sixth dimension. My purpose is to teach and guide those who are preparing to evolve to the next dimension. For many of your years I have been silent, speaking only when the vessel I am connected to (Lynda Doyle) will allow me. For many years the vessel that I am speaking through denied my existence and now, although it has taken many years to prove the reality of my existence to her, I am able to share.

I am Audra a younger entity than Ashai although still wise beyond human understanding. I have been energy for many years and work within and with Ashai ‘s energy. I lived on the earth plane at one point and understand the dynamics and intervention of earth and universal dimensions. I am the interpreter and will assist those with understanding many of the messages to be delivered.

Together we will teach and deliver what is meant for those who are directed to us. As time goes on many more will join in the teachings and many light beings will come together for the good of all mankind. Much is about to happen on your plane and now is the time to listen and apply the teachings that you are to receive.

Audra has a very gentle spirit whereas some of you may not find me as delicate. I will deliver the information as it is in a straight forward manner. What you do with the information you receive is not my concern, my concern is delivering the energy.

Many of us are connected to souls on your plane and more will come although not many because the teaching will all interconnect and we shall be united for the good of mankind."


Soon this page will be filled with Ashai & Audra's
spiritual teachings.

Each one will be available for purchase
in MP3 audio and/or PDF transcript formats.


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